Club Fitting

Manhattan Woods Golf Academy is proud to host Cool Clubs as their main fitting location in the northeast!

From day one, Cool Clubs sought to utilize technological enhancements to create competitive advantage in all facets of its business.

A passionate focus to independent R&D and club testing has positioned Cool Clubs in a league of its own. Deploying proprietary fitting software and mastering the art of custom club building has also set Cool Clubs apart. In everything we do, exceeding each customer’s expectations is Cool Clubs loftiest goal.

Our Research & Development Team was organized to test all manufactures equally to get a truly non-biased opinion about how equipment performs.

Our proprietary fitting software was designed to translate those findings and allow our fitters to identify the proper equipment for the player. Our in-house testing is done with the use of a Golf Laboratories Inc. robot, Trackman for ball flight and Foresight with HMT for measuring the club head data. All shafts are independently tested for torque, weight, balance point, frequency and profile. Heads are tested using a 9-point impact pattern.


Prior to the fitting the player will receive a questionnaire about their game and what their goals are. Upon arrival we will do a quick evaluation of their current equipment (loft, lie, length, shaft frequency and swing weight). During this time the player will be able to warm up on the range. When the fitting begins, we will have the player hit a series of shots to gather data on Trackman and determine baselines for the players swing and tendencies. At this time the player will then test numerous shaft and head combinations until the proper fit and set make-up is met. Measurements for club length, lie angle, grip size and weight will also be taken. Upon completion of the fitting the player will receive a detailed analysis of the fitted equipment along with a price breakdown for the custom build. Since everything we do at Hot Stix Golf is 100% custom, pricing is done based on each individual manufactures component (head, shaft & grip).